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Hacienda Audio is setting a bold new standard for studio acoustics, stereo mastering, stem mastering, mixdown and audio restoration.


Take your space to the next level with our acoustics services. From small room studios to high traffic institutions, we offer room analysis and bespoke control room design.

Audio Restoration

Enjoy careful treatment and restoration of your timeless tracks and trust our expertly precise audio forensics.


Expertly trained and internationally experienced ears will breathe life into your music or soundscape. We offer high-detail stereo and stem mastering.

And more

Some queries cannot be categorized. Get in touch for consultation on anything audio related including gear questions, head-scratching room issues, or potential projects.

Head Engineer - Matt Davis

Hacienda’s head engineer of a decade, Matt Davis, is a graduate of both University of Miami’s Music Engineering undergraduate program and NYU’s Music Technology masters program.

He has trained under grammy winning mastering engineers, is an educator in the Recording Arts program at Full Sail University, and an experienced studio acoustician.

Outside of engineering, Matt is a prolific electronic musician with releases covering many genres on several labels under different monikers.

Bachelors in Music Engineering – University of Miami

Masters in Music Technology – New York University

Apple Digital Masters Provider


    Magix Sequoia 14

    Avid Pro Tools 2020


    Fab Filter

    Tokyo Dawn Labs

    PSP Audioware

    Slate Digital

    DMG Audio


    Acustica Audio

    Nugen Audio


    PMC MB2s-XBD Loudspeakers

    ATSAH 500 Amplifiers

    Knif Mastering Controller

    Knif Soma

    Buzz REQ 2.2

    Weiss DS1-mk3 Dynamic Processor

    Neve Portico II Master Buss Processor

    Dangerous Bax EQ

    GOLY PG-808 EQ

    Lynx Hilo

    Crane Song Solaris

    Dorrough 40-A

    TC Electronic Clarity M

Apple-Digital-Masters.pngApple Digital Masters is a specification set by Apple Music to ensure that the highest quality masters are created for their Apple Music Platform.
Only mastering houses on the official Apple Digital Masters Provider List are able to produce Apple Digital Masters.