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Matt Davis

Matt Davis is the founder of Hacienda and lead engineer of Hacienda Mastering. He is a graduate of both University of Miami’s Music Engineering undergraduate program and NYU’s Music Technology masters program. Over the course of a decade, Matt has had the privilege of mastering music for hundreds of artists and labels of varying genres, styles, and acclaim. He has trained under grammy-winning mastering engineers, notably Bob Katz of Digital Domain.


Matt served as an educator in the Recording Arts program at Full Sail University and has been employed as a professor in audio programs at several other accredited US colleges. 


Due to the success of Hacienda, Matt now works full-time mastering, designing studios, and consulting for clients around the world.


Outside of engineering, Matt is a prolific electronic musician with releases covering many genres on several labels under different monikers.

Client Testimonials

The following are testimonials from real Hacienda Mastering clients. No payment or special compensation of any kind was made in exchange for these reviews.

"Matt Davis of Hacienda has become my go to mastering studio for all my work. Matt’s work is second to none. Not only has Matt become my primary mastering engineer, I’ve gone as far as making the labels I work with contractually obligated to use his services.... because I want the best. Matt / Hacienda is that good. It’s because of Matt’s services that my music has gone to the next level. Of the dozen or so tracks he has mastered for me, all but one became a featured track on Beatport. In addition, six of them have been on Beatport’s Top 20 releases, with two of them in the Top 5. These results are largely because of Matt’s attention to detail that borderlines on perfection. He provides details as to what he has done to improve your work and he will consult with you if he feels something should be adjusted in the pre-master. I have recommended Hacienda to many of my colleagues & to all the labels I am signed with. In 2020, Matt will be mastering around a dozen EPs for me, as well as an artist album I’m co-producing with Justin Scott Dixon aka Voyager. Sum up: You will not find a better mastering engineer and/or studio in this business. Period."

Artist, Producer, DJ

"Hacienda mastered my debut album and many 'Murkury' releases since. He is my go-to for top quality analog masters & always works closely with me to co-create my vision of how my final musical product should sound. Everything Hacienda has mastered for me will stand the test of time and I am incredibly grateful to Matt for his guidance, knowledge & dedication to his craft!!"

Alec Seifart (Murkury)
Artist, DJ

"I worked with Matt on 2 of my records (Gemini & MRK Mix Vol 1). To say he improved these records is an understatement. The work he did was essential. I would absolutely recommend Matt and Hacienda to anyone looking for their music to be mastered."

Machine Girl
Artist, DJ

"I use Hacienda Audio for mastering my remixes and original productions. I have been ecstatic with the precision and attention to detail Hacienda Audio has brought to my productions. It feels like the excitement of Christmas morning when listening to one of my productions for the first time after Hacienda Audio has completed their mastering process. Matt is such an easy person work with. He is a master at what he does, and I trust his suggestions to achieve the highest quality sound for each project. I feel many mastering houses use the same settings for each project. Matt understands every project is a completely different animal and requires unique attention. Matt has even given me suggestions on how to make my studio sound better and nailed a number of flaws with how my room was set up. All of this from merely hearing the first song I sent over to be mastered. That alone is an impressive talent. I am constantly asked who I use for mastering, and I never hesitate to recommend Matt Davis and Hacienda Audio to everyone I know. Matt Davis and Hacienda Audio are part of what makes up my sound at this point. I look forward to our partnership on many future projects. "

Seth Vogt
Producer, Remixer

"Hacienda Masters all of our releases on Dance Artifakts. I could not be more satisfied with the masters for the label. Matt plays an important role in our quality for sound. He always goes the extra mile in helping each release sound consistent when we deliver multiple producers for releases with remixes. He works very close with us to make sure there is a consistent sound. I would highly recommend Matt for any mastering needs, I constantly get asked about our sound quality and always send them over to Matt. We consider him part of the DA family."

Terron Darby
Producer, DJ, Founder of Dance Artifakts

Higher standard.

Better sonics.

Hacienda is more than just a mastering house, we're an extension of your music. Our mastering engineers have an impressive history of academic rigor and years-worth of industry experience. Mastered correctly, audio files have much greater clarity for listeners as well as increased longevity. We don't cut corners on quality or precision, paying close attention to every detail so that your music can reach its highest potential.


We use a rigorously tested collection of gear, some of which has been modified specifically for Hacienda.

PMC MB2s-XBD Loudspeakers

Rythmik F12G Subwoofers (2)

ATSAH 500 Amplifiers

Knif Mastering Controller

Knif Soma

Buzz REQ 2.2

Weiss DS1-mk3 Dynamic Processor

Neve Portico II Master Buss Processor

Dangerous Bax EQ


Lynx Hilo

Crane Song Solaris

Dorrough 40-A

TC Electronic Clarity M

Merging Hapi


Our software lineup is carefully curated to meet our client's high production standards.

Magix Sequoia 14

Avid Pro Tools 2020



Fab Filter

Fab Filter

Tokyo Dawn Labs

PSP Audioware

Slate Digital

DMG Audio


Acustica Audio

Nugen Audio

Apple Digital Masters is a specification set by Apple Music to ensure that the highest quality masters are created for their Apple Music Platform. Only mastering houses on the official Apple Digital Masters Provider List are able to produce Apple Digital Masters.

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